River Rafting

River Rafting in Kullu – Manali is done along the River Beas and is considered ideal for expert rafters as well as beginners. River rafting in Manali is one adrenaline-pumping recreation that draws adventure seekers from all over the country. 

River rafting in Manali offers enthralling rapids of Grade 1, 2, and Grade 3 intensity. As you maneuver your raft in the bubbly waters of Beas River, the spectacular scenery on either side of the river holds you in awe. 

River rafting in Beas River is perfect for beginners and also offers a golden chance to those who want challenging exploits. This is because Manali happens to be one of the safest river rafting zones with skilled rafting guides to accompany you on your water escapade throughout. The service providers organize the sport of rafting in Manali and offer rafting gear on rent including raft, helmet, life-jacket and oars. 

You can book river rafting with us with our skilled guides who will ensure your safety and enjoyment at the same time. A thrilling experience awaits you as you embark upon the meandering course of the Beas River.